Oct 21, 2014

How you Can Earn a Real Online Income Through Academic Writing Jobs

Academic writing is a good option for many people who want to earn a real income from home for themselves. If you have a good qualification i.e. a Bachelor's, Master's, or a Ph.d. degree then you can earn a lucrative income from home by just writing some Academic assignments. If you are from India then initially you would face some problems to get an assignment or project from the Freelancing sites. For the novice in this field and specially for Indians, I would suggest a simple technique that they can use to get some initial projects. Many international freelancing sites like Freelancer.com, Guru.com, or Elance.com have many international writers and users who already have a good build up profile for writing assignments. So if you need a breakthrough then I would suggest you to try some native sites like Worknhire.com that has many projects, specially from Indian users. You should easily get a small project from this site. Once you build a good profile then believe me, sky is the limit. 

There are some sites like india.uvcorp.comhttp://india.uvocorp.com/, mywritingmaster.in, and india.writerbay.com.  Writer Bay is one of the best sites where you should get a high payout for writing Academic assignments. You should get from $10 to $20 USD for a single assignment. Although their criteria for selecting the write is a little bit tough. So you can follow my suggestion and make yourself acquaint with some of the main referencing styles for Academic writing like APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard. 

You can search on the internet for learning these referencing styles that are mandatory for the Academic assignments. So don't waste your time and start learning these techniques to earn through home based jobs and real online jobs. 

Jun 24, 2014


I have been surfing internet for a good Tutor who can teach my niece online. I was amazed to see that there are many legit and good sites from where you can really earn a good real online income from home. These sites are legit and real and you can really earn some lucrative income from them.

But I think that it would not be beneficial for you people if I post some fake sites, so I done a good research to know the legitimacy of these sites and here I am providing you with some of them: --

TEACHER ON: -- This site is really legit and is giving tutoring services throughout the globe. You can Signup as a student or a tutor depending on your needs. Believe me there are many people throughout the world who want to learn foreign languages from native speakers and these tutoring tutors can provide you with them. You can earn a good income from home by tutoring some foreign students. Tutoring is available from a nursery to higher classes. So go and earn some lucrative income by teaching some one or take some tuition from the experts

MY PRIVATE TUTOR : -- This site is highly suggestible to the people who are really serious about earning online. If you have some qualities in teaching and you want to teach someone, have a good communication skills than this site is for you. This site is generally from West Bengal, India having 63970 Tutors and 47884 Students throughout the world. There are various online and offline courses available in different subjects to learn and earn. 

TUTOR VISTA: -- Another legit and trustworthy sites for some serious online earning and learning experience. Some foreign people are complaining about their 7 days Auto renewal plan but the services they are providing is good and if you are serious you can really earn from this site giving online tuition to the students in need. The subjects they deal in are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Science. Believe me its easy to teach some students online if you have some basic skills and flare to teach real people.

BHARAT TUTORS: -- A yet another legit and real online site for Tutoring tutors. They have a large resources of articles which is beneficial for both online tutors and students also. One positive point about them is that they don't charge any fees from the Students and Tutors. Another benefit of using these tutoring sites is availability. There are many tutors available 24x7 according to the need of students. Many foreign students want to learn foreign languages from native speakers, so if you are proficient in any language than you are in a win-win situation. 

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Jun 20, 2014


So here I am blogging this very interesting post for the jobs seekers who are serious about work at home jobs. Believe me this is really interesting you can VISIT THIS PAGE  to understand how innovative and creative Indian people are about earning. Do you know something about this site Fiverr. They can let you post gigs whose cost would be $5. You can provide any service for $5 like singing a birthday wish, writing small article, post a blog post; anything that worth $5. This site is very effective and let you earn a lucrative income from real online jobs. 

I have visited the site page from India, and I am amazed to know that some of the gigs here are really interesting: Holding your sign in front of Taj Mahal, Wish a happy birthday at king Akbar palace, Send you a recipe of some of the famous Indian dishes, plan your trip to Bangalore, Give you information about some famous tourist places in India. There are some very common to unique gigs on this page. Fiverr is a good site for beginners because it is very famous throughout the world and can give you some real service seekers from the world.  

So friends! If you have some specialty than go and Sign up for a Fiverr account to earn a good income. So Sign up and show your talent to the world.

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May 20, 2014

Real Online Job sites that can really help you earn!

Welcome back friends,

                                  Hope you would be taking benefits from the real online jobs advice and resources given on this blog. Today I'll introduce you some of the legitimate sites. They are all paid sites i.e. you would have to pay some amount before you start making money.

GET CASH FOR SURVEYS :-- This site has many resources which can help you earn a good income by only completing some surveys. If you have a general understanding of English language, you can earn a great income from this real online jobs site. This real online jobs site is good for housewives, retired persons, and students who want to earn a good income from their home. 

Here is the Sign up link:-- Click Here

NO COST INCOME STREAM : -- If you are fed up with trying all kinds of online money making system and finally you think that it is useless to try for these kinds of online money making systems then this site is for you. The owners of this site say that you can learn many money making systems and strategies which is free and you don't have to invest any money on them on first hand. The prospect of actually creating an income without having to pay any money upfront is an exciting one. It is the cost that has stopped so many from turning to the internet as a source of income, but now that hurdle may have disappeared. This is a video training system that reveals several resources and methods that can be used to start generating income online for free. Some of these methods are well-known while others might be found pleasantly surprising. But before you come to any conclusion and invest in their system I would recommend you to look the video provided on the first page.

Here is the link: -- Click Here

CB PASSIVE SYSTEM : -- This online money making system has been developed by a renowned internet marketer Patric Chan. He has also written a book called 'The Dialogue what success really is' and after researching for many years on the internet for best online money making systems, he made this system which can teach you from a scratch how to earn an income online. Believe me there's a lot of money on internet but for newbies it becomes quite difficult to earn money online, because they don't know the pros and cons of internet marketing. Another very good reason is that they invest in some of the so called fake websites, and after losing a lot of money on these fake online money making sites they conclude that online money making is impossible. Specially in some Asian countries like India, we don't have a proper understanding of online money making. So it would be advisable to first of all understand this by investing on these kinds of system, so that you could thoroughly understand everything about online money making.

Here is the link: -- Click Here 

EASY BUSINESS INFO : -- If you know nothing about internet marketing and want to know the hidden secrets of online money making, then there is a site for newbies called Easybusineeinfo.com is a good site from where you can learn from the scratch of how to become successful in online money making. The admin of this site is an Indian and he has written an online training system for newcomers who want to learn from scratch. If you are an Indian then this site is a good one to begin with because you don't need any Credit cards for buying it and also the amount this person taking is also low.

Here is the link: -- Click Here

AFFILORAMA AFFILIATE SITE : -- Do you know something about Affiliate marketing or Clickbank. Let me explain you both of them in brief :--

Affiliate marketing : -- Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing you do online, e.g. if you promote some kinds of software or ebook on your blog or site than the provider will give you a huge commission from 50 to 70% for every sale they make from your blog or site.

Clickbank :-- Clickbank is a site which contains thousands of softwares, ebooks, systems i.e. in short in contains every kind of electronic products which is downloadable.You promote these products on your blog or site i.e. all you have to do is Affiliate marketing of these products from your blog or site on behalf of a huge commission.

But before you invest or join Clickbank (Which is free) you must understand how to promote these products to earn maximum benefits. Affilorama is a site which will give you a brief understanding of these niches and give you a detailed training. It's been working since 2006 and providing some good source of information and training for Affiliate marketing.

Here is the link: -- Click Here

Apr 26, 2014

Some of the Great Indian Freelancing sites for Real Online Jobs

Hi dear friends,

                     Welcome back. It's been so many months I was not updating my blog, but today I saw some of the great Indian freelancing sites.

There are already some of the biggest sites on the internet like ODesk.com, Freelancer.com, or Elance.com. There are millions of freelances worldwide who are working on these sites and if you are not a native english speaker and you don't have any badges of projects in your profile then you would have to work very hard for getting a project. It's ok if you are a developer or a designer, but if you want to work in academic, data entry, or writing projects you first need to prove yourself that you are the guy whom the hiring people are looking for. So rather directly looking for a project, you can first develop a good profile by working on the Indian freelancing sites. Here I am giving a review of some of the Indian sites which are legitimate:--

  1. WorkNHire:-- WorkNHire is one of the most famous Indian sites and believe me if you are an Indian then you will get a good project on this site as soon as you join this site. All you have to do is to make a profile according to your knowledge and education level. Don't lie on these sites because you have to maintain a good profile, and once you maintain a good profile you would keep working on the projects. Don't panic in the first time, its not sure whether you'll get a work or not for some days but I am sure you'll get an opportunity if you are dedicated to the job. Don't give any bids for the first few projects and once you would get accustomed to them give your price. This way you can earn a good image in front of the employers and after that it would be your turn to ask for a better pay. The worknhire freelancing site caters to the Indian market. Kumar Mukul and Manish Prakash are its founders.
  2. Freelancer.in :-- Freelancer is one of the renowned sites and now it has launched its Indian version Freeelancer.com. Although the platform is same but they have made it specially for the Indian employers and freelancers so that you don't have to look for an Indian employers. For some employers like the Virtual Assistance, it's been necessary that you belong to their demographics so that they can communicate with you better. So go to this site and sign up.
  3. FreelanceIndia.com :-- FreelanceIndia is one of the India's oldest freelancing sites pioneered by the BITS Pilani alumnus Mr. L. N. Agrawal. The site has an option of either a paid or a free one. This site is also good for beginners and Indian freelancers. 
Note:-- Although all measures have been taken to give you a legitimate information still please have a look before applying to these sites.

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All the content of this blog is protected by Indian Copyright act. So please don't try to copy.

Feb 3, 2012


Now let me tell you that this is for real and you can earn a great source of real online money by publishing E – books online. If you are good at writing something like poems, stories, or articles related to your field of expertise then you can really make a good source of income by publishing your E – Book online and believe me publishing your book online would be much easier and affordable then publishing your book physically.

This question would be coming into your mind that how you should publish your book online having not any knowledge. If you have a book ready to publish online i.e. you have finished writing your book then the next step is to make a cover of that book. For this purpose you can either buy a software or look for a free one, if it’s available on internet. VISIT HERE  if you want to download cover templates and software.

Now once you are ready with your designing and making of your E – book you need to publish your E – book on the internet, for publishing your E – book AMAZON’S KINDLE PUBLISHER SITE is the best site where you can publish your E – book, all you have to do is to register with Amazon and sign in and upload your E – Book, but before you upload it you have to convert it into kindle format which you can do by any of the free software’s available in internet. DOWNLOAD FROM HERE software from which you can convert your file (PDF,HTML, or word ) to kindle E – book and can easily upload your book to Kindle Publishing Site.
Even if you don’t have any book yourself then you could earn through publishing public domain books which could be found at PROJECT GUTENBERG. There are thousands of E – books available at Project Gutenberg and you can load and use them any how you want because the copyrights of these books are expired and you can use these without any obligation from any other publishers.

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So those were some good suggestions of how to earn real online income from internet. Hope you have enjoyed my article.

Nov 28, 2011

How to deal on internet regarding “REAL ONLINE JOBS in India”

With the past advancement in technology in the world regarding internet the population of internet users are increasing rapidly, because of which the Real online jobs seekers are also increasing. But there are so many millions of sites over the internet from which only few of them are you can say ‘real’.  So before you want to apply or register to any of these sites for real online jobs, first thing you need to know is whether these sites are legit or not. Recently “Speak Asia” has made a lot of money by taking Rs. 11000/- as a registration fees in India and promised to give surveys of reputed companies having each survey  Rs. 500/-. But today many people tell me that they haven’t got their payment and now the distributors are also not contacting them. To avoid these kind of situations the first thing you need to know is the legitimacy of site, even I’ll say don’t invest such a large amount without making sure about the site or company. Even Indian Govt. is unable to do anything against them because they are not registered in India.

If the site is real they will never ask you for such a large amount of money, even you can do some small tasks in Mturk, microworkers, etc. They won’t pay you a great amount instead they are real and can really pay you. Today there are many new people registering for these sites and every day. You can do many things on internet according to your knowledge, experience, and interests e.g. if you are a good writer then you can do copywriting job, article writing, blog writing, if you are a musician then you can create music and songs for freelance service seekers. There are lots of opportunities on internet but one thing you need is to give your time and effort to these kind of jobs because they need deadline and accuracy.

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