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Feb 3, 2012


Now let me tell you that this is for real and you can earn a great source of real online money by publishing E – books online. If you are good at writing something like poems, stories, or articles related to your field of expertise then you can really make a good source of income by publishing your E – Book online and believe me publishing your book online would be much easier and affordable then publishing your book physically.


This question would be coming into your mind that how you should publish your book online having not any knowledge. If you have a book ready to publish online i.e. you have finished writing your book then the next step is to make a cover of that book. For this purpose you can either buy a software or look for a free one, if it’s available on internet. VISIT HERE  if you want to download cover templates and software.

Now once you are ready with your designing and making of your E – book you need to publish your E – book on the internet, for publishing your E – book AMAZON’S KINDLE PUBLISHER SITE is the best site where you can publish your E – book, all you have to do is to register with Amazon and sign in and upload your E – Book, but before you upload it you have to convert it into kindle format which you can do by any of the free software’s available in internet. DOWNLOAD FROM HERE software from which you can convert your file (PDF,HTML, or word ) to kindle E – book and can easily upload your book to Kindle Publishing Site.

Even if you don’t have any book yourself then you could earn through publishing public domain books which could be found at PROJECT GUTENBERG. There are thousands of E – books available at Project Gutenberg and you can load and use them any how you want because the copyrights of these books are expired and you can use these without any obligation from any other publishers.

So here are some good suggestions of how to earn real online income from internet. Hope you have enjoyed my article.

Nov 28, 2011

How to deal on internet regarding “REAL ONLINE JOBS in India”

With the past advancement in technology in the world regarding internet the population of internet users are increasing rapidly, because of which the Real online jobs seekers are also increasing. But there are so many millions of sites over the internet from which only few of them are you can say ‘real’.  So before you want to apply or register to any of these sites for real online jobs, first thing you need to know is whether these sites are legit or not. Recently “Speak Asia” has made a lot of money by taking Rs. 11000/- as a registration fees in India and promised to give surveys of reputed companies having each survey  Rs. 500/-. But today many people tell me that they haven’t got their payment and now the distributors are also not contacting them. To avoid these kind of situations the first thing you need to know is the legitimacy of site, even I’ll say don’t invest such a large amount without making sure about the site or company. Even Indian Govt. is unable to do anything against them because they are not registered in India.

If the site is real they will never ask you for such a large amount of money, even you can do some small tasks in Mturk, microworkers, etc. They won’t pay you a great amount instead they are real and can really pay you. Today there are many new people registering for these sites and every day. You can do many things on internet according to your knowledge, experience, and interests e.g. if you are a good writer then you can do copywriting job, article writing, blog writing, if you are a musician then you can create music and songs for freelance service seekers. There are lots of opportunities on internet but one thing you need is to give your time and effort to these kind of jobs because they need deadline and accuracy.

May 29, 2011

Real Online Job Suggestions : - What you can do on internet ?

Friends today I am in a mood of enjoying so today, give up all your worries and lets have some fun ! Wait I am not joking, I am serious and if you want to know the secrets of how to get some gifts free of cost without even investing a penny from your own pocket then keep reading this post. You will think that why I am talking about this when it's a Real Online Jobs blog, it's simple sometimes it's not possible to know the true potential without exploring something new. So I am here again with some off topic sites which are of course free to join and you can make some profits by joining those sites. Isn't it helpful when you are looking for some good gift for your boyfriend / Girlfriend and you come to know about a site which is giving it to you free (For just giving a review or just trying the sample). 

The first site which I am writing about is FRIBIZ. If you have a long friend list on Facebook then I am sure you are going to have an IPOD, XBOX 360, Gift Card ready for you at this site. All you need to do is join this site and refer this site to your friends and each time your friends join this site you will get Fribiz points which you can use to BID on the gifts available on this site, and the highest bid will win the prize, and guess what ? You won't lose your points because in case you lost a bid your points will be given back to you. So hurry join this site and enjoy bidding some great gifts.

The next site I am recommending is BIDCACTUS. This site is free to join but for bidding on the products available on this site you have to deposit some amount. Each bid on this site costs $0.75 and comes in a pack of 30, 50, 100, 150, 250. The concept of this site seems little confusing to me even I think that if you visit the site and read the "How it works ?" then you should understand it very well. I am not going into brief explanation and you can yourself visit the site for further details.

The other site which I will take into consideration is XL411. This site is only for American's because the gifts they provide are available in American locality. The concept is simple just review a site, refer your friends, or visit participating business. BINX BUCKS is what they call virtual currency which you can use to buy gifts from their online store. 

NOTE :-- Although I have made every possible effort to provide you legit site but before joining them make your own effort to do some research and Blog admin will not be responsible for any losses either financial or intellectual.

May 9, 2011

Real Online Job Opportunity from Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon is one of the oldest and biggest sites having a good Affiliate Program, Amazon has given $300 million to its affiliates till date and its program is best and oldest in the market. Affiliate programs are good but it needs a lots of hard work, time, and effort to become successful in affiliate marketing. So if you are new to Online jobs field and don't know much about anything then you still have the solution. Amazon has launched a new site called Amazon Mechanical Turk for those people who want to earn a lucrative income from internet, all you have to do is to go to this site :--
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Register yourself as a worker and start searching for a work. Their are hundreds of jobs available every time to online workers some of them are depended on Demographics (Means your home Country and residence) and some of them are available to whole world. Once you make your account as a worker you'll see the hits available for you (Hits are small tasks that you can do ) and give a small qualification test for that hit. If you qualify for the hit then you can work on it and earn a good income. You can get your income into your Paypal account or you can also request for a PayCheck in your resident currency.

Amazon Mturk is a good option for beginners and you don't have to worry about the legitimacy because Amazon is the biggest and Oldest company in the online market whom you can totally believe.

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Apr 22, 2011

How to Avoid Real Online Jobs Scams

Real Online Jobs are a real opportunity for the people who somehow don't get the time to go outside their home to do a daily routine outside jobs like retired person, a house wife or a student who want to earn his pocket money, but because their is not any kind of control on the internet so every people can make a website and because of this some fake people make fake sites to make you fool and ditched you with a lot of your money and mental loss. So how can you confirm that whether a site is a Real Online Jobs or just has made to make bucks out of your pocket.

Their are many organizations and sites which are helping people get out of these fake sites because they are making the wrong impression on Real Online Jobs community and people feel that their is not any kind of online jobs and most of them are fake. Their is a site called which works on giving you a proper and safe browsing experience. All you have to do is to download and install their software and a green link will show a trusted site in Google Chrome Browser.

Another good site called Work at Home Scams is also giving you an opportunity to check the legitimacy of the site all you have to do is to type the sites address in Google Search and then Scams word after that and you'll get the proper and brief information about the site.

For more information you can also visit the site:  Work at Home Scams

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Apr 19, 2011

A Good Search Site for Indian Real Online Jobs

If  you are Indian and are looking for some good Real Online Jobs then it takes a lot of time if you type a word related to your expertise and experience, Some times it takes a lot of time to look for the appropriate site relating to your needs which are available online. I can say sites like Times Jobs, Monster and Naukri are some good sites where you can register for your needs of a jobs where you can post your updated Resume and the sites will give you a response according to their database.

But I can say these sites are not good for Online Jobs search, of course they are good for professional jobs but talking about Real Online Jobs they are not as good as they could. So what you people could do to search a Real Online Jobs. Their is a newly launched site called Simply Hired. It's not like the other job sites but it is a search engine which has every kind of site listings in their database. If you are looking for a Real Online Job then I would suggest you to register at this site and, of course the Sign Up is Free.

An another similar kind of Search Site is also a good one for searching Indian Online Jobs called Indian Job Online, this site is also a good one if you are looking for a particular Real Online Job.

(Note - Please make a detail research because this Blog Admin would not be responsible for any losses, either mental or related to money)

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Mar 30, 2011

Some Top Survey Sites on Net

What Actually Are Surveys ?

Many times we have listen from our friends and from other people that they earn online by taking surveys, so what actually are Surveys ? And are they all real one and whether they are Legal or Fake one ? I know these questions should be in your mind before landing on this post. So how to choose a survey site ? Generally if a Survey site is real then they should take your initial survey before giving you the real surveys through which you'll earn.
Surveys are nothing but a programmed way to know your opinion about a certain product, company or services. Many companies invest a lot to know the opinions of people who are using them to make their product better and if they are launching a new product then it helps them a lot to know what are the customer requirements for that particular product. Surveys also decrease the investment and time of companies because otherwise they have to put their employers in taking and receiving responses from customers and it'll will also take a lot of time. Many surveys focus on opinion and attitudes while others are more concerned about collection of factual information. Many surveys combine questions of both types.

It's a fact that internet is vast and not every site is real so before investing to any of these Survey sites it would be beneficial to do a little research on that Survey site. But not every Survey site is Fake and some of them are real like following :---

Algulfnet is very good for Asian people because it's giving a good income opportunity to Asian people, they will give you weekly surveys once you get registered, they are taking a one time registration fees of Rs. 3600 (Indian). If you refer your friends and relatives then you'll also get an extra earning from commission.
Survey Savvy is one of the oldest and best companies to work with. The payment structure is always via check and paid after 3 or 4 weeks once the survey is completed. They send you Survey now and then depending upon your demographics. You might not see surveys daily dropping into your inbox but once you have it, it is worth taking up, because the cash may vary from $1 to $30.
You will get the Surveys daily and the payment process is based on points. Once you have 1000 point in your account you can fetch $10. You might face lots of screener, but you'll not go without payment. For taking up a survey you get 10 points but if you qualify then you might get point any where between 200 to 2500.
Brand Institute is an interesting site that sends you Surveys relating to new products. Mostly these products are about Medications and house hold goods. Once you complete your Survey you'll get your payment within 3 to 4 weeks into your Paypal account. Each Survey lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes and payment is about $5 - $20.
(Note - Although I have made every possible effort to provide you legal and legit sites information but please do some research before joining any of these sites and making any investments.)
(Friends their is an investigation going on Speak Asia by Reserve Bank of India (Government of India) that's why I am removing the review, you are free to do some research and join the site if you want. )

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